Hello !

My name is Amaury, I am a french Computer Science and Applied Mathematics engineering student.
I specialized in mathematical modeling and image processing and I have been digging into Apple technologies for more than 5 years.


Feel free to send me an email.

Amaury Balliet
2b rue des prés
67310 Cosswiller


Computer Science Applied Mathematics Apple technologies

Operating Systems

Mac OS X and other Unices.


Mathematical modeling and image processing.
Mac OS X and iOS programming.

Software Programming

Objective-C, C, C++, Java, ADA, Shell, SQL, Tcl/Tk, x86 ASM.
Strong knowledge in OOP and software engineering.

Web Programming

XHTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, ActionScript.
Oracle and MySql databases and Apache servers administration.

Computational Mathematics

Scilab, Matlab and Maple.
Statistical Computing in R.

Conceptual methods and tools

Algorithmic complexity, Operational research, UML.
Xcode, Emacs, Subversion, Git.


French: native language.
English: good working knowledge. Scored 940 out of 990 on the TOEIC.
Spanish, German, Swedish: basic knowledge.

Computer Graphics

OpenGL and GLSL programming.
Maya programming (MEL script and C++).
Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.


Current training

Study within the Mathematical modeling, Vision, Graphics and Simulation department of Ensimag — leading French engineering school specialized in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, part of Grenoble Institute of Technology.
French Engineering degree (equivalent to a Master’s degree). Anticipated date of graduation: 2011.

Academic scholarship 2005–2008

Undergraduate student in mathematics at Université Louis Pasteur in Strasbourg, France.
Graduated with Licence (equivalent to a Bachelor of Science) in Mathematics in 2008.

Computer oriented projects

Second year internship two-month project

Conceived, developed and delivered a Cocoa framework with documentation.
Project based on the theory and practice of Cocoa Design Patterns. Internship done with a startup based in Barcelona.

Second year final project one-month project, 3-people team

Conceived and implemented a cross-platform library and prototyped an application to display high resolution images on very large displays.
Project not much different from Microsoft's SeaDragon.

Research project semester-long project

Joined Grenoble's HCI Research Group and conceived interactions for an augmented multi-touch whiteboard dedicated to brainstorming.
Developed the associated Mac OS X application in Cocoa.

HCI project semester-long project

Conceived and developed an iPad app improving DJs' creative workflow while on stage.
Project aimed to put in practice the User Centered Design method for designing interactive computer applications.

Mini-Java compiler 250h in a month, 4 people team

Conceived, developed and delivered a mini-Java compiler in ADA with documentation.

Graphics toolkit semester-long project, 3 people team

Conceived and developed a graphics toolkit with a 2D drawing engine in ADA. Implemented a vector graphics editor using this toolkit.

MJPEG decoder 100h in two weeks, 3 people team

Developed a Motion JPEG decoder in C.


Music listening, concerts and festivals attendance. Graphic design from infographics to typography. Making pastries.